Jemima Thomason

Jemima Thomason

Fundraising Officer

Having only commenced my role within MY Hospitals Charity early July 2021, it’s been an incredible couple of months to say the least.

I joined the team as a Marketing Intern whereby I’ve already broadened my understanding of marketing materials in regards to helping the Charity communicate effectively.

Our team are constantly exploring for innovative ways to help our hospitals do more as the outstanding generosity and support for our Charity continues. It’s humbling to see how dedicated our donors and fundraisers are to helping our Charity reach its aim as we all work together to make a difference.

We have a lot of exciting milestones ahead of us, and I'm honoured to be a part of them. As a proud member of MY Hospitals Charity, I look forward to continuing to grow and develop our efforts to ultimately benefit both patients and staff care and experience.

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