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Your Impact

Your Impact - MY Hospitals Charity


Our sincere thanks to our incredible communities supporting MY Hospitals Charity. Your continued generosity has enabled us to fund and achieve the following projects which has benefitted both patient and staff care and experience. Together we are making a difference...


Anaesthetic Sofabeds for the Labour Ward

staff member utilising the anaesthetic sofabeds

16th September 2021

As a result of your continued support, we're proud to share our new Anaesthetic Sofabeds for the Labour Ward Doctors, funded by charitable donations.

One of our Locum Doctors was keen to share the impact on Staff wellbeing since their recent introduction;

I am so happy with the sofabeds. At one point I was about to give up working nights, as I started developing back pain due to being so uncomfortable during my shift. When I had an opportunity to get some rest, lying on the office floor was miserable. The sofa bed has made a massive impact to me.

Another MY Team Doctor shared;

Thank you so much for getting us the sofabeds! They are so comfy to rest on and really easy to put up and down. They are great to sit down in for a moment during the busy shifts- so much better than the hard old wooden chairs and dilapidated swivel office chairs. Stuff like this make the long weekend shifts more bearable and make us trainees feel that we are valued by the hospital, especially when we have had to continue to work full-out through COVID.

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