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Wakefield Community Crafters 

Wakefield Community Crafters is a friendly non-profit group for those who knit, crochet, sew and craft items for the Wakefield community. All items made are donated to various charities across the Wakefield district.

Facebook: @WakefieldCommunityCrafters

Main Contact: Sandra Keighley


Penistone Knitting Group

The Penistone Knitting Group is made up of like-minded individuals who share a passion for crafting. The group knits and crochets items for our Trust as well as an impressive 15 charities and 17 other hospitals.  Join the Facebook group to find out more!

Facebook: @Penistoneknittinggroup

Main contact: Sheryll Dixon

The Recycle Yard

The Recycle Yard recycles waste from the local area that can be reused for arts, crafts and play. The group supports local schools, nurseries, community and charity groups by supplying them with low cost materials or by making donations.

Facebook: @TheRecycleYard 

Main contact: Wendy Farrar


Telephone: 07985 291765

Hookers and Clickers

Hookers and Clickers is a friendly and welcoming group made up of over 400 members. The group knits, crochets and sews items for charity with an aim of bringing comfort to others, for both the UK and abroad.

Facebook: @Hookers and Clickers (Do it for charity)   

Main Contact: Jo Brophy     



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